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AVR Microcontroller

Syllabus OF AVR Controller


  • Introduction to AVR
  • Series of AVR controllers
  • Architecture of AVR
  • Types of Memory
  • Pin Configuration of AVR
  • Registers of AVR
  • Memory Paging, Addressing modes
  • Different ports and DDR register
  • Literal and control Operations
  • Watchdog timer, Interrupts, Timers/ counter
  • LED interfacing
  • 16×2 LCD interfacing.
  • Seven segment interfacing
  • Relay interfacing
  • DC motor interfacing and speed control
  • ADC interfacing
  • IR sensors interfacing
  • Liner Keypad Interfacing
  • Matrix Keypad interfacing
  • Stepper motor interfacing
  • I2c
  • RTC
  • GSM Interfacing
  • PC Keyboard Interfacing
  • Serial EEPROM
  • Finger Print Module Interfacing
  • GPS Interfacing
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