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Embedded system


  • Introduction of 8051
  • Component of 8051
  • About Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors
  • Digital IC’s detail and Logic gates
  • about AVR,PIC, ARM
  • INTEL,Philips,AVR,Microchip
  • The  Architecture
  •  Registers
  • Memory Organization
  • Port organization
  • On chip Peripherals
  •  Interrupts
  • Programming languages
  • Programming tools And Techniques
  • Addressing Modes
  • Airthmetic
  • Logical
  • Data Transfer
  • Branching
  • Bit manuplation
  • How does a timer works
  • How to make accurate delay using timer
  • List of Learning Modules
  • Theoretical implementation
  • Interfacing Opto-Isolators
  • What are Optocoupler
  • How they work
  • How to interface with microcontroller
  • Interfacing linear Keypad
  • What is the type of switches
  • Their types & function
  • How to connect& read keypad with microcontroller
  • Timer Interrupts
  • What is a timer
  • What is an interrupt
  • How does 51 timer works
  • How to write code for timer
  • Counter Interrupts
  • How does it work
  • What are the different modes of counter
  • How to write code?
  • LED
  •             Different types of led
  •             How it work
  •             How LEDS will rotate
  •             How to connect with microcontroller
  •             What is sourcing & sinking ?
  • Relays
  •             What are the different types of Relay?
  •             How it connect with microcontroller
  • Seven Segment Display
  •             What are the types of display
  •             Difference between                                          common Anode and             Cathode
  •             Driving circuits
  • Stepper motor
  •             How a stepper motor works
  •             How to drive stepper motor
  • DC Motor
  •             How a dc motor works
  •             Motor driving IC
  • Piezo buzzer(Alarm unit)
  •             How does a buzzer sound
  • LCD
  •             What is LCD
  •             How to give LCD commands
  •             How to interface LCD with Micro
  • Additional Interfaces
  •             Concept of Real world interfacing devices             like electrical home
  •             Appliance/sensors             activators,electromechanical devices
  •             Embedded tools Used


After successful completion of training,you can make following types of minor/major industrial projects Robotics:

Home security system

Home appliance control by RF/Telephone etc.

Energy meter

Smart Kitchen Etc.

Industrial Automation:

Data logger

Temperature indicator

Temperature controller

Multi channel monitoring system

Multi channel monitoring, measuring  and controlling system Etc


Telephone call meter, Etc

Office security/ Automation

Smart card Access Control System

Time Attendance Monitoring system

Electronic voting machine

Your own ideas can also become reality if you put

Consistent and dedi-cated efforts learning

Digital data transmission

DTMF based remote

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