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Latest project ideas for electrical engineering

Automatic Smoke Detector Alarm
Synchronously Blinking Emergency Light
Sound Operated Timer Project
Smart Burglar Alarm
Plant Moisture Monitoring System
Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection System
Wireless Power Transfer in 3 Dimensional Spaces
Intelligent Feeder Control System in 230 kilovolts

Switch YardSelf-Switching Power Supply
Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Light System
High Voltage Direct Current by Marx Generator Principles
Highway Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Embedded Systems
Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor Controls without Microcontroller
Power Generation from the Wind Energy Available During Movement of Train
Step-Up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Using 555 Timers
High Voltage Direct Current up to 2KV From Alternative Current by Using Diodes and Capacitors in Multiplier Voltage Circuit
Induction Motor Protection System
Three-Phase Fault Analysis System with Auto-Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
Automatic Star Delta Starter by using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor
Alternative Current Pulse Width Modulation Control for Induction Motor
Password Based Circuit Beaker
Dual Tone Multi Frequency based Load Control System
Automatic Control of Bottle Filling Using Programmable Logic Controllers with Conveyor Model
Industrial Temperature Controller
BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Displays

Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
High Performance Alternative Current Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for Multiphase AC Machines
Solar Powered Auto-Irrigation System
Personal Computer Based Electrical Loads Control
Optimum Energy Management System
Speed Control Unit Designed for a Direct Current Motor
Accident Alerts in Modern Traffic Signal Control System by using Camera Surveillance System
PIR Based Energy Conversation System for Lighting System and Corporate Computers
Attendance Management System by Using Face Recognition Technique
Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverter Using Renewable Energy System
A Bi-Directional Visitors Counter
Fuse Tube light Glower without Any Electric Choke
Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation with Personal Computer Interface and OLM
Visual Alternating Current Mains Voltage Indicator

Wireless Mobile Charging Project
3 Phase Induction Motor With Soft Start
Power Supply With Auto Switching
Switching Load By Touch
Emergency Auto Led Light
3 Way Failure Analyzer Reset On Temporary Fault else Permanent trip
Over Voltage Under Voltage Load Protection
Protecting Induction Motor From Phase & Temperature
Ultrasonic Radar Project
Generating DC High Voltage Using Marx Generator
Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
Single Phase Induction Motor With Smooth Start
Checking Phase Sequence of 3 Phase Supply
6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC Converter
Footstep Power Generation System
Ac to High Voltage DC Using Voltage Multiplier Circuit
Microcontroller less Four Quadrant DC Motor Control
Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
Industry Process Automation Using Programmable Switching
Testing Life Cycle Of Electrical Loads Using Down Counter
AC Power Strength Controller System
System To Measure Solar Power
Controlling Solar Energy Charge
Single Phase Induction Motor With Smooth Start
Configurable Password Security System
Supervisory Controlling Plus Data Acquisition For Remote Industry
Load Control System Using DTMF
RPM Display For BLDC Motor With Speed Controller
Multi-Power Supply Using 4 Different Sources For No Break Power Supply
Cycle Switching Without Harmonics For Industrial Power Control
AC Power Controller With Programmable Interface
Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface
Lamp Illumination Control With Precision
Digitally Controlled Home Automation Project
Flexible Ac Transmitter System Using TSR
Device Load Monitor With Programmable Meter For Energy Audit
Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
Monthly Electricity Billing Display With Bill SMS Feature
Industry Power Consumption Penalty Minimization Using AFPC Unit Project
Commercial Power Saver Project
Fast Voting Game Project
Electronic Water Level Controller Device
E Bicycle Locking System

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Latest electronics engineering project ideas

Industry Power Consumption Penalty Minimization Using AFPC Unit Project
Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle
Precise Digital Temperature Controller
Circuit Breaker Based On Password
Multi Microcontroller Networking System
Motion Based Automatic Door Opener
Industry Temperature Control System
Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot
Speech Detector Robotic Vehicle Control
Robotic Arm Vehicle Controlled By Touch Screen Display
Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
Android Controlled Pick And Place Robotic Arm Vehicle Project
GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project
Shuttling Metro Train Between Stations Project
Monthly Electricity Billing Display With Bill SMS Feature
Power Meter billing Plus Load Control Using GSM
Industrial Load Switcher Based On Touch Screen
Energy Management System With Programmable Numbers using GSM
SMS Controlled Railway Level Gate Control With Programmable Numbers
Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System
Instant Electric Circuit Breaker
TV Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle Project
Device Load Monitor With Programmable Meter For Energy Audit
Zero Contact TachoMeter (SpeedOMeter)
Power Grid Failure Detection Based on Voltage and Frequency Variance Detection
Dish Position Controller Using TV Remote
Thyristors Based Dual Converters
Flexible Ac Transmitter System Using TSR
SVC Based Flexible AC Transmission System(FACTS)
Microcontroller based 4 Quadrant speed control system
Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
3d Space Wireless Power Transferring Project
Car Parking Project Based on RFID
Controlling Pc By TV Remote as Mouse
Car Speed Checker With Led Display
Wireless PC Communication System
TV Remote Controlled Home Appliances Project
Digitally Controlled Home Automation Project
Vehicle Sensing Street Lights Project
Lamp Illumination Control With Precision
Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface
Industry Automation Using Programmable Switching in Repetitive Nature Of Work
Android Controlled Induction Motor with 7 segment display
AC Power Controller With Programmable Interface
Postage Stamp Value Calculator
Controlling Pc By TV Remote as Mouse
Configurable Medication Reminding Syst
Electrical Load Controlled By PC
Displaying Moving Message On Notice Board Using PC

Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication
GSM based Industry Protection System
Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
Wireless Red Signal Alerting For Trains
GSM Stepper Motor Speed & Direction Controller
Dam Operation Based On Water Level
Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project
Motion Based PC Video Game
Automated RF plus IR Based Paid Parking Manager System
Geo Location Guide Using RF
Motion Based Message Conveyer For Paralytic/Disabled People
RF Based Secure Door Opener System
Billing System Based On RFID
Remote Stepper Motor Controller System
Fire Plus Hazardous Gas Detection And Instant SMS Alerting System
Mini IR Radar For Unauthorized Object Detection
CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert
Gsm Based Door Unlocker system
Auto Lap Time Measurement System
SMS Voting System Project
Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter
Wildlife Observation Robot Using Rf
CNG/LPG Gas Leakage Accident Prevention System
Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project
Programmable Sequential Load Operation Controlled By Android Application Project
Car Overspeeding Detection Project
RF Secure Coded Communication System
Ultrasonic Object Detection Project
Solar Street Lights With Auto Intensity Controller
Android Password Based Remote Door Opener System Project
Voice Controlled Home Automation
Android Controlled Remote Password Security
Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control
Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control
Robot Controlled By Android Application
Xbee Transformer/Generator Health Monitor Project
Security Access Control Using RFID Project
Home Appliance Control Using Android Application Project
Anti Stampede Monitoring And Alarm Project
Attendance System Based On RFID Project
Commercial Power Saver Project

Womens Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts
Bill Prediction & Power Factor Measuring With SMS Alert
Raspberry Pi Vehicle Number Plate Recognition
GSM Patient Health Monitoring
IOT Asset tracking System
Soldier Health & Position Tracking System
Hovercraft Controlled By Android
Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project
Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
Home And Industrial Safety Using Fire And Gas Detection System
Programmable Energy Meter With Bill Estimation
Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection
Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing
Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
FingerPrint Voting System
Vehicle Movement Based Street Lights With External Light Sensing
Android Antenna Positioning System
Accurate Room Temperature Controller Project
DC Motor Speed Control By Android
IOT Garbage Monitoring System
IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
Home Automation Using Android
Automated Elevator With Overload Alert
Automatic Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sensing
Automated Visitor Counter With 7 Segment Display
Android Controlled Automobile
Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Human Speed Detection Project
PC Based Home Automation
Traffic Density Control With Android Override Using Avr
Voice Based Notice Board Using Android
Wireless Mobile Charging Project
Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf
Android Controlled Robotic Arm
Machine Overheat Detection With Alert
Vehicle Theft Detection/Notification With Remote Engine Locking
GPS Handcuffs With Geographic Prohibitions
Touch Based Nurse Caller System
Multi Microcontroller Based Security System
Gsm Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)
Fingerprint Authenticated Device Switcher
Fire Fighter Robot With Night Vision Camera

IOT Car Parking System
Smart Dustbin With IOT Notifications
Solar Powered Battery Charging With Reverse Current Protection
3D Holographic Display System With Gesture Controller
Automatic Sketching Machine Project
Automatic Whiteboard Eraser Robot
Zigbee Based Gas Fire Detection System
Plant Moisture Monitoring System
Clap Based Fan Switching System
Object Tracker & Follower Robot Using Raspberry Pi

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Mechanical engineering major project list

Mini Hacksaw Powered By Beam Engine
Design & Fabrication Of Mechanical Footstep Power Generator
Motorized Chain Mechanism Hacksaw
Remote Controlled Mini Forklift
Regenerative Braking System Project
Mini Windmill Power Generation Project
3 DOF Hydraulic Extractor Mini JCB
Steering Mechanism Vehicle With Joystick Control
Bedini Wheel Using Electromagnetic Flux Generation
Automatic Mechanical Garage Door Opener
Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
Design & Fabrication of Automated Punching Machine
2 Wheel Drive Forklift For Industry Warehouses
Design & Fabrication of Attachable Wheelchair Automator
Automated Portable Hammering Machine
Automatic Seed Sowing Robot
Faulty Product Detection And Separation System
Pedal Operated Hacksaw
Pedal Powered Electricity Generator Project
Plant Irrigation Water Sprinkler Robot
Mini Conveyor Belt Mechanism
Dual Motor Electric Go-Kart For Rough Terrain
Automated 5Dof Robotic Arm Mechanism
Automated Coconut Scraping Machine
Automated Double Hacksaw Project
Pedal Powered Water Purifier Project
Automatic Blackboard / Whiteboard Cleaner System
Automated Drain/Gutter Cleaner Project
Automated 5Dof Robotic Arm Mechanism
Automatic MotorBike Stand Slider
Contactless Eddy Braking System
Design & Fabrication of Motorized Scissor Jack
Electromagnetic Braking System
Gearless Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism
Pulley Based Movable Crane Robot
Push Based Box Transport Mechanism
Sand Filter & Separator Project
Electromagnetic Braking System
Gearless Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism
Rough Terrain Beetle Robot
Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage
Single Stage Gear Reducer Project
Torque Generator Mechanism
High Performance Hovercraft With Power Turning
2 Wheel Drive Forklift For Industry Warehouses
Motorized 2 Wheel Scooter Project
Fire Fighter Robot With Night Vision Camera
Long Range Spy Robot With Night Vision
Long Range Spy Robot With Obstacle Detection
Long Range Spy Robot With Metal Detection
Remote Controlled Automobile Using Rf
Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf
Android Controlled Robotic Arm

Staircase Climbing Trolley
Manual Roller Bending Machine
Bench Tapping Machine
E Skateboard With Motion Sensing
Motorized Smart Turning Mechanism
Pneumatic Powered Wall Climbing Robot
Coin Based Cola & Soda Vending Machine
Power Generation Using Electromagnetic Suspension
Motorized Scotch Yoke Mechanism Piston
360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine

Mini Conveyor using Geneva Mechanism

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm
Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Rf Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
Hovercraft Controlled By Android
Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter Robot
Remote Controlled Pick & Place Robotic Vehicle
MC Based Line Follower Robot
Agricultural Robot Project
Fire Fighter Robot Project
RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle
RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project
Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle
Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Advanced Footstep Power Generation System
Coin Based Water Dispenser System

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mechanical 3d printer

No computers, no motors, just the power of gravity.

The machine uses a 15kg weight to power the mechanism — it does need to be reset during the print, but that’s a small price to pay for this kind of mechanical automation.

we uses a type of clay in a paste extruder that slowly deposits the material on the build platform. To program the machine, there is a small guiding mechanism that follows the contour of a bent aluminum wire. This allows you to make any number of symmetrical and circular objects.


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PLC Based Product Sorting Machine



Sorting systems are used to bridge between production and packaging machinery. Sorting systems are used to sort items based on various criteria so that they can be packaged accordingly. Manual sorting is a time and effort intensive process. Automatic sorting systems allow for fast and efficient sorting of products. To demonstrate the sorting system we develop a PLC based sorting system project that uses pistons with color sensing system powered by PLC control to achieve this functionality. The system consists of a conveyor belt to carry products from one end to collection baskets. It consists a color sensor to sense the type of products using color sense, the system now utilizes 3 pistons with piping and control valves to control their operations. The system is powered by a PLC to control the sorting system. 3 collection baskets are used to collect samples sorted by the pistons mounted parallel to each one. The PLC coordinates with sensors and piston valves in order to achieve the desired functionality and demonstrate the fully automated product sorting system.

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Pneumatic Powered Water Pump


Pneumatic Powered Water Pump:

Water is a basic human necessity and ground water is one of the major sources of it. But pulling out ground water requires a lot of power which is not available everywhere. The most common water suction pump widely used is a manual pump that has a handle which is to be moved in up and down direction in order to suck ground water up and make it available on the surface. So we automate this process using a pneumatic system that does this automatically. Our system uses a pneumatic cylinder along with supporting frame, a manual suction based pump, pipes valves and electronic circuit to control the system. The pneumatic cylinder is connected to the pump using a handle like mechanism that allows for movement of pump head along with the piston movement. We now operate the pneumatic cylinder using a push button that indicates the circuitry to operate the valves which connect the cylinder to a compressor to operate the cylinder and achieve the desired movement. The system now operated the pump head along with the piston movement so as to achieve fully automated water pump using pneumatic power.

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Pneumatic Punching Machine


pneumatic punching


Punching has a wide usage in the industrial world. Holes need to be punched in sheets, pipes of a wide variety of materials for assembly purpose. So here we propose a pneumatic powered punching machine that allows for this with ease. We propose to develop a compact pneumatic punching machine with enough torque to demonstrate hole punching through thin metal sheets. The purpose of this project is to study the punching mechanism and implement it with the help of pneumatic power. For this purpose we first construct a frame to withstand and support the punching system. We then assemble the pneumatic piston and hole support mount into the frame so as to achieve the best punching results. Now we connect the pipes to the cylinder with necessary valves and use a electronic control mechanism to control punching using the pneumatic piston. The system is integrated with motorized rollers needed to feed the metal sheets into the machine. It consists of a metal detection system that automatically detects metal sheets and starts punching process and also pushes the sheet out of other end once done. The electronic system is used to trigger the valves into releasing necessary amount of air into the piston pushing it in needed direction with force needed to punch through the material placed on the bed mount.

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In small-scale industries and automobile maintenance shops, there are frequent needs of tightening and loosening in screws, grinding, boring, grinding machine. Huge and complicated designed parts cannot be machined in ordinary machine. Further for every operation separate machine is required. The increases the initial cost required, large area requirements and large number of machine are required. In a single machine all the above specified operation can be carried out, i.e., after grinding, the drill head is removed from the barrel key and the required tools like grinding wheels, boring tool etc., can be attached, and the operation can be performed. By the application of pneumatic, the pneumatic cylinder with piston which is operated by an air compressor will give the successive action to operate this machine. By this we can achieve our industrial requirements.
The main objective of our project is to perform various machining operations using “Auto feed mechanism” in grinding machine with the help of pneumatic sources. For a developing industry the operation performed and the parts (or) components produced should have it minimum possible production cost, then only industry runs profitability. In small-scale industry and automobile maintenance shops, there are frequent needs of tightening and loosening of screws, grinding, boring, grinding. Further for every operation separate machine is required. This increases the initial cost required, large area requirements and large number of machines is required. In our project the above complicated are rectified.
Mechanization is broadly defined as the replacement of manual effort by mechanical power. Pneumatic is an attractive medium for low cost mechanization particularly for sequential (or) repetitive operations. Many factories and plants already have a compressed air system, which is capable of providing the power (or) energy requirements and the control system (although equally pneumatic control systems may be economic and can be advantageously applied to other forms of power).
The main advantage of an all pneumatic system are usually economic and simplicity the latter reducing maintenance to a low level. It can also have out standing advantages in terms of safety.

The compressed air from the compressor is used as the force medium for this operation. The pneumatic double acting cylinder used .The air from the compressor enters to the four way junction. From four way junctions one way of air enters to the barrel unit. In side the barrel having vane arrangement is welled. The other way of air enters to the solenoid valve.
The function of solenoid valves all of air correct time interval. From solenoid valve air enters to the pneumatic double acting cylinder through flow control valve. The solenoid valve ON condition, the grinding head is automatically downwards and grinding operation occurs. After some time, the solenoid valve is OFF; the grinding head is automatically released.
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Remote Controlled Forklift


Here we propose the design and fabrication of a remote controlled mini forklifter . The mini forklifter defines the concepts of using forklifts for weights lifting as well as placement using pulley based mechanism. Our system allows for efficient implementation of this concept. The mini forklift uses pulley and belt arrangement In order to lift loads. It is connected to a powerful 12V motor in order to lift weights and also consists of a counter weight in the back to maintain proper balance while lifting weights. The lifting mechanism is attached onto a 4 wheel drive frame chassis strong to support the frame as well as counterweight. It consists of 4 motors needed to control vehicle movement in all 4 directions. The system uses 2 supporting rods with bearing setup in order to achieve smooth vertical movement of the forklift. Also we use 4 motor drive in order to drive the forklift with efficient strength. We now use an Rf based circuit system in order to run the mini forklift from a distance by receiving wireless control commands by rf remote.

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We are using scissors for simple sheet metal cutting. It is a manual method so that sheet metals are to be wasted sometime because of
mistakes happened such as wrong dimensions etc., and also even a simple cutting may take long time.Hydraulic machines are also
available for sheet metal cutting. But this method is used for only heavy metal cutting and its cost is very high.We are using a pneumatic system for sheet metal cutting in a easy way. It is operated by a pneumatic hand lever of two way control valve.Control valve is operated by a compressor.
  • Double acting
  • Pneumatic hand
    operated valve
  • High speed steel

 Working Of Sheet metal Cutter


The pneumatic machine includes a table with support arms to hold the sheet, stops or guides to secure the sheet, upper and lower straight – edge blades, a gauging device to precisely position the sheet. The table also includes the two way directional valve. The two way directional valve is connected to the compressor. The compressor has a piston for a movable member. The piston is connected to a crankshaft, which is in turn connected to a prime mover (electricmotor, internal combustion engine). At inlet and outlet ports, valves allow air toenter and exit the chamber. When the compressor is switched ON, the compressed air is flow to inlet of the pneumatic cylinder.
The sheet is placed between the upper and the lower blade. The lower blade remains stationary while the upper blade is forced downward.
The upper blade is slightly offset from the lower blade, approximately 5 – 10% of the sheet thickness. Also the upper blade is usually angled so that the cut progresses from one end to the other, thus reducing the required force.
When the pneumatic hand operated lever is moved forward, the piston starts moving in the forward direction. The upper blade which are then forced against the sheet, cutting the material. When the pneumatic hand operated lever is moved backward, the upper blade will come to the original position (i.e., the upper blade will move upwards).
After the material is cut, adjust the pneumatic hand lever to the mid position (i.e., normal position) and then the compressor is switched


Sheet metals are used in
  • Car bodies
  • Airplane wings
  • Medical tables
  • Roofs for buildings (Architectural) and many other things
  • Sheet metal of iron and other materials with high magnetic permeability, also known as laminated steel cores, has applications in transformers and electric machines.
  • Historically, an important use of sheet metal was in plate armor worn by cavalry, and sheet metal continues to have many decorative uses, including in horse tack.
  • Low cost
  • Less consumption of
  • Easy to handle
  • Skilled labor is
    not required
  • Less maintainance
  • High accuracy
  • Good surface finish
  • Less floor space