Minor Projects mini basic simple

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Metal detector

Touch Sensitive Switch

Electronics harmonium

FM transmitter

Clap switch

Electronic Eye

Light sensitive Triggering

OR gate Transistorised

Solar Water heater

Street Light Control

Metal detector

Power Failure

Audio amplifier
Security based metal detection
Sound operated switch
Electronic harmonium
Advance Electronic eye
Light based switch
Burgalar alrm
Bird chirping alarm
Remote operated bell
luggage security
cordless FM Mic
Home Appliances
Password Security
Power supply
Touch Sensitive Switch
Power Failure
water leveller
IR Remote switch
Timmer ckt
emergency light
bi colour LED
Battery charger
water level indicator
FM transmitter
gas sensor
door security system
faster finger first
high/low indicator
Voice recorder 60 sec 8tags
street light control-LDR based
Fire alarm
intruder alarm
DTMF receiver
Smoke detector
RF switch
Wireless bell
mobile controlled device
IR voice transmission
IR data Transmission

 H Bridge circuit Detail