CAD/CAM Training

Course overview:

CAD CAM is part of Computer-aided technologies, denoted by CAx. It is a technology that aids in the designing, analysis and manufacturing of products. CAD (Computer-aided Design) involves the designing bit of real as well as virtual products. CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing), on the other hand involves the use of various computer software in the manufacturing of work pieces by controlling machine tools and other machinery.

After completing this module you are ready to:

Appear in exams on CAD/CAM under any technical university of India.  They will get to know about the way of product designers and developers succeed is by utilizing machines to create new products quickly and easily. With the technology available through CAD CAM services, designers can now use previous work designs and create variations of a single product. Full models and their parts can now be created with CAD CAM service.

Key Features:

Certification of the trainers.
• Hardware and software systems the institute uses.
• Proper training infrastructure.
• Extensive learning programs and well prepared materials.