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Robotics Training

We provide  Training on


Industrial Robotics

Machine control Robotics

Duration – Six weeks, six months

Charges . Rs. 1500 Per student for Group of minimum 5 students

We sale robotics and electronics parts. and also provide guidance on robots

Speech based Robots
Antifalling and ati collision robot
Gesture based robo
Flex sensor based robot
Robotics ARM
wirelessly controlled spy camera robot
PIPE leakage detection robot
gas leakage detection
Tanks based robot
robot with biometric scan
android controlled robot
Mobile controlled robo
rf controlled robots
speaking robots

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AVR Microcontroller

Syllabus OF AVR Controller


  • Introduction to AVR
  • Series of AVR controllers
  • Architecture of AVR
  • Types of Memory
  • Pin Configuration of AVR
  • Registers of AVR
  • Memory Paging, Addressing modes
  • Different ports and DDR register
  • Literal and control Operations
  • Watchdog timer, Interrupts, Timers/ counter
  • LED interfacing
  • 16×2 LCD interfacing.
  • Seven segment interfacing
  • Relay interfacing
  • DC motor interfacing and speed control
  • ADC interfacing
  • IR sensors interfacing
  • Liner Keypad Interfacing
  • Matrix Keypad interfacing
  • Stepper motor interfacing
  • I2c
  • RTC
  • GSM Interfacing
  • PC Keyboard Interfacing
  • Serial EEPROM
  • Finger Print Module Interfacing
  • GPS Interfacing
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PIC Controller 16F676 16f84 16f72


What is PIC. Introduction to PIC. Series  of PIC controllers

  • Block diagram of PIC , Reset Circuit, crystal circuit and power supply circuit, Memory types.
  • Pin Configuration of PIC.
  • Study of STATUS REGISTER, OPTION REGISTER, different register banks,
  • Memory Paging, Addressing modes
  • Study of different ports and TRIS register.
  • BYTE oriented file register, BIT oriented file register, Literal and control Operations.
  • Watchdog timmer, Interrrupts, Timmers/ couter.
  • LED interfacing
  • 8-bit LCD interfacing.
  • 4-bit LCD interfacing
  • Seven segment interfacing
  • Relay interfacing.
  • DC motor interfacing and speed control
  • IR sensors interfacing
  • Liner Keypad Interfacing
  •  Matrix Keypad interfacing.
  • Stepper motor interfacing
  • I2c
  • Serial EEPROM
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Embedded system


  • Introduction of 8051
  • Component of 8051
  • About Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors
  • Digital IC’s detail and Logic gates
  • about AVR,PIC, ARM
  • INTEL,Philips,AVR,Microchip
  • The  Architecture
  •  Registers
  • Memory Organization
  • Port organization
  • On chip Peripherals
  •  Interrupts
  • Programming languages
  • Programming tools And Techniques
  • Addressing Modes
  • Airthmetic
  • Logical
  • Data Transfer
  • Branching
  • Bit manuplation
  • How does a timer works
  • How to make accurate delay using timer
  • List of Learning Modules
  • Theoretical implementation
  • Interfacing Opto-Isolators
  • What are Optocoupler
  • How they work
  • How to interface with microcontroller
  • Interfacing linear Keypad
  • What is the type of switches
  • Their types & function
  • How to connect& read keypad with microcontroller
  • Timer Interrupts
  • What is a timer
  • What is an interrupt
  • How does 51 timer works
  • How to write code for timer
  • Counter Interrupts
  • How does it work
  • What are the different modes of counter
  • How to write code?
  • LED
  •             Different types of led
  •             How it work
  •             How LEDS will rotate
  •             How to connect with microcontroller
  •             What is sourcing & sinking ?
  • Relays
  •             What are the different types of Relay?
  •             How it connect with microcontroller
  • Seven Segment Display
  •             What are the types of display
  •             Difference between                                          common Anode and             Cathode
  •             Driving circuits
  • Stepper motor
  •             How a stepper motor works
  •             How to drive stepper motor
  • DC Motor
  •             How a dc motor works
  •             Motor driving IC
  • Piezo buzzer(Alarm unit)
  •             How does a buzzer sound
  • LCD
  •             What is LCD
  •             How to give LCD commands
  •             How to interface LCD with Micro
  • Additional Interfaces
  •             Concept of Real world interfacing devices             like electrical home
  •             Appliance/sensors             activators,electromechanical devices
  •             Embedded tools Used


After successful completion of training,you can make following types of minor/major industrial projects Robotics:

Home security system

Home appliance control by RF/Telephone etc.

Energy meter

Smart Kitchen Etc.

Industrial Automation:

Data logger

Temperature indicator

Temperature controller

Multi channel monitoring system

Multi channel monitoring, measuring  and controlling system Etc


Telephone call meter, Etc

Office security/ Automation

Smart card Access Control System

Time Attendance Monitoring system

Electronic voting machine

Your own ideas can also become reality if you put

Consistent and dedi-cated efforts learning

Digital data transmission

DTMF based remote

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Arduino Training

Six weeks and Six months Training in ARduino

Arduino is a open source plateform to program our applications.

Advantages of Arduino-

Easy to use like PLC
easily availble in indian version also
programming in C++

Inerafacings during the course

LCD interface
Stepper motor
servo motor
DC motors
Analog input
Serial Communication
Eeprom programming
GSM interface