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Tube Bending Machine

        Tube Bending Machine mechanical Project

Tube Bending Machine

In tube rolling industry a wide range of power and hand operated machines are used. As the industry is a large and growing industry different type of machines are used for different operations.
Our project the tube rolling machine is very simple in operation by using spur gear arrangement which is coupled with motor. This machine produces round tube of different diameters and length. This machine can be used in various fields. This machine consist of two spur gear which is coupled with a motor and connecting the spur gear shaft with rolling main shaft. This machine is simple in
construction and working principle.
Tube rolling industry is a large and growing industry. There are many special purposes machines used in this industry to-day. The proper selection of the machines depends upon the type of the work under-taken by the particular industry.
There are many examples of tube, which can be seen in our every day lives. The metals generally used for tube rolling work include iron, copper, tin, aluminium, stainless and brass. Our project the “TUBE ROLLING MACHINE” finds huge application in all tube rolling industry. Rolling is the process of bending metal wire to a curved form. The article in the shape of round is made by tube roller shaft. Rolling operation can be done on hand or power operated rolling machines.
In forming round tube shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. The gap between the tubes can be regulated by proper arrangement. The lock nut is used to fixing the tube wire to the rolling shaft. The single phase induction motor is coupled with the spur gear arrangement by pulleys. The motor is rotated by switch on the power supply of single phase. The spur gear is rotated due to the rotation of motor. The spur gear is coupled with the main shaft by bearing.
The single phase supply is given to the induction motor, it will run. The motor pulley is coupled to the spur gear pulley with the help of belt. The spur gear arrangement is run according to the speed of the motor. Before switch on the induction motor, the tube wire is locked to the lock nut in the tube rolling shaft. The tube rolling shaft is rotated when the single phase induction motor switched ON. The tube wire is rolling in the rolling shaft due to the rotation of the tube rolling shaft. The length of the rolling tube is decided by the operator. The required length of the tube is rolled; the single phase induction motor is switched OFF. The tube is cut by the cutter, the next above procedure continue once again for the next tube operation.
  1. Easy in Construction and Working Principle.
  2. Man power requirement is less.
  3. High production.
  4. Length of the tube is varied.
  5. Production cost is reduced.
  6. Low Cost.
  7. Maintenance cost is very low.
  8. Unit is compact so less space is required.
  9. Time consumption is less.
  10. Less effort & productive.
  11. Easy to install at any were.
  12. Skilled workers are not required.
  13. Convenient for mass production.
  14. Less in weight.
  1. Small Scale industries such as tube rolling, other rolling etc.
  2. Wire rolling industries.
  3. All tube rolling industries.
  1. This machine is applicable for particular diameter of the tube.
  2. This machine is used to produce soft tube wire only.
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pipe inspection robot Report Free Download

Design and Fabrication Of Pipe Inspection Robot
A pipe inspection robot is device that is inserted into pipes to check for obstruction or damage. These robots are traditionally manufactured offshore, are extremely expensive, and are often not adequately supported in the event or malfunction. This had resulted in associated environmental services limited. A Newzealand utilize of this equipment, facing significant periods of down time as they wait for their robots to be the repaired. Recently, they were informing that several robots were no longer supported.
This project was conceived to redesign the electronics control systems one of these PIR, utilizing the existing mechanical platform. Requirements for the robot were that it must operate reliably in confined, dark and wet environments and provides a human wears with a digital video feed of the internal status of the pipes.
There robot should as much as possible incorporate off the shaft components, cheap, and potentially onsite repair. This project details the redesign and constructions of such robots. It employees there electronic boards integrated with mechanical components and provides video feedback via custom graphical interface although at the prototypes state the electronics has been successful with cost of less than a length of the original robot purchase prize.
Pipe Defects Which need to be Inspected:
  1. Buckle: regular buckle and sharp buckle
  2. Ovality
  3. Wrinkle
  4. Knob
  5. Rolling imperfection or angularity
  6. Tube expansion
  7. Joint imperfection: edge displacement and angle error
Design criteria For Pipe inspection Robot :
Design of the inspection robot depends on two main critical factors: size and shape of the pipeline. It will weigh strongly on the maneuverability of robot and its dimensions.
An ideal robot should:
1. drive through a pipe that can change its diameter along his pattern;
2. cope with elbows and branches, reducer, valves with unexpected mechanical damages that could change its mechanical configuration;
3. have sufficient traction to move and to carry out tasks as measurements or clogging detection in a slippery and not plane surface as a pipe
4. be robust and reliable
  1. The pipe inspection robot inspects situation inside the pipe which will be recorded and displayed on the monitor screen, it also facilitates working personnel for effective observation, detection, quick analysis and diagnosis.
  2. Save comprehensive investment, improve work efficiency, more accurate detection.
  3. Reduce the frequency of entering into the testing environment.
  4. Operating cost related to other method is low.
  5. Cost of manufacturing of this robot is relatively low.
Limitation of pipe inspection robot
  1. Pipe inspection robots have such limitations as their ability to turn in a T-shaped pipe or move in a plug valve.
  2. Another drawback of earlier robots is that the friction between the pipe and the cables for communication and power supply makes it difficult to move a long distance. A fiber optic communication system can reduce the friction.
  3. This robot does not work in water.
  4. This robot works only in empty pipe.
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Automatic Pneumatic Bumper For Four Wheeler 


Description: Many years ago, wheels were the part of a log and it slowly utilized for carts and wagons. The wooden wheel utilized was hard wood stakes. Trucks have become the backbone of the workforce in the world. They are large, strong and could be move on roughest of terrains. Truck rims should be placed if they are cracked.

project of truck rims are manufactured in the similar manner. It begins with tough hub and 4 to 6 holes for the bolts. Truck wheels require durable which carry some weight. Lighter wheels are developed by decreasing unsprung mass and permit suspension to follow the terrain and develop grip. Better heat conduction spends heat from the brakes that develops braking function in driving situations and decreases the brake failure because of overheating. The spun steel rim is saved with welds series. The rim is balanced and provided the smooth finishing.

The wheel rim is the portion of automotive. It includes static loads and fatigue loads like wheel rim moves various road profile. It improves high stresses in rim to search the serious stress point. The alloy of steel and light are important materials utilized in a wheel consisting glass-fiber. Different wheels are Wire Spoke Wheel, Steel Disc Wheel, and Light Alloy Wheel. The steel rims are present in silver and chrome and many finishes are secured for alloy wheels.


The wheel rim is the outer circular concept of the metal where corner of the tyre is climbed on automobiles like vehicles. The automotive steel wheel rim is created with rectangular metal. The metal plate is made curved to generate the cylindrical sleeve with the two corners of the sleeve joined together.

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Automatic Blackboard / Whiteboard Cleaner System

Cleaning blackboards or whiteboards consumes a lot of time while teaching. We here propose an automated blackboard, whiteboard cleaning mechanism that cleans entire boards automatically with just a button click. Our system uses a set of frames, brackets, supporting rods, Dusters, motor, rollers and driving circuitry in order to achieve this mechanism. The system is designed to save a lot of time and unnecessary effort needed in cleaning boards. It is designed to clean boards in a less than half the time required to clean the blackboard/whiteboard by a human. For this purpose we use dusters mounted on shafts which are inturn connected on a supporting frame . These shafts are connected in such a way, so as to provide a proper circular cleaning motion that is needed for cleaning the board. We now use a motor to drive these shafts in required direction. Now we also need to ensure entire board gets cleaned. So we use a set of rollers to mount the upper and lower part of frame in that section. We now use a second motor to drive the entire duster frame in a horizontal motion so that we get the entire board cleaned as the frame reaches the other end of the board. Thus we put forward the design and fabrication of an automatic blackboard/whiteboard cleaner mechanism.


Connecting rods
supporting Frame
DC Motor
Horizontal Support Frame
Joints & Mounts
Screws & Bolts

Easy Cleaning
No Manual Effort Needed
Fast Board Cleaning

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Single Stage Gear Reducer Project


Here we design and fabricate a single stage gear reducer system. This system makes use of gears with a motor to achieve the desired functionality. Gear reducers are widely used in gearboxes. One more use of gear reducers is in gear switching in automobiles. This system demonstrates the single stage gear reducer assembly using motorize shafts and gear mechanisms in a gearbox frame.

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 Robotic arm control through internet/LAN


robotic armIntroduction:

India is still classified as a developing country and as such has a set of hurdles to be overcome in the medical field. This is because basic medical amenities haven’t been provided to towns and cities.

The project  designs a robotic arm with the aid of a micro controller and performs all these operations.

Patients face problems in terms of facilities meted out to them as well as availability of trained doctors. By using a robotic arm, all these problems can be eliminated and doctors from anywhere can perform the operation. Robots are flexible in nature and can perform a wide array of operations that can’t be realized solely by a doctor.


In this project, an application will transmit the controlling data to a specific computer by sending corresponding IP address.

The Ethernet adapter configured with the specific IP address will receive the commands and send the information to micro controller via serial port.  This micro controller will control the robotic arm and sends appropriate signals to geared motor.

There is a micro controller in the robotic arm performing motor control operations. To view the patient’s status an RF camera is used and this is used to transmit it to the PC for the doctor to supervise. This project is mainly used to cut patient’s skin by high speed blades.


The use of computer-aided robots offers exact motion and path so as to reduce the side-effects of surgical meditation. Use of robots offer higher insight into the anatomy of patients to perform smaller incisions. In case of emergencies, by using a robotic arm a person’s life could be saved.

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CNC Machine using Arduino

CNC Machine using Arduino:

Machining is needed to manufacture almost everything that we use today. All the components are manufactured by various machines, but CNC machine in particular is the most widely used one among all. Through this mechanical mini project you will build a fully functional 3 axis CNC machine that can perform the actions like drilling, milling, tooling etc. You will be using an Arduino board to control the operations of the machine and carry out specific set of machining actions. Doing this mechanical mini project will help you understand the machining process in depth and develop a better understanding on the entire process.

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. CNC Machining is about automating the machine tool operations for more precision and ease in manufacturing. In this project you will build a fully functional 3 axis CNC machine using Arduino which can perform manufacturing operations like drilling, milling and cutting. The tool can be operated with the help of G Codes and Arduino interfacing.

By building this project, you will practically work with stepper motors, Arduino board, G Codes, CNC calibration and programming.

Hardware Kit

Arduino Uno
GRBL Shield
Stepper Motor – 3 Nos.
Stepper Motor Wires – 3 Nos.
1000RPM DC Motor
Tools and Chuck
3D Printed Components – 22 Nos.
Motor Clamps – 2 Nos.
CNC Machine Frame
Other Miscellaneous Items

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Design & Fabrication of Motorized Scissor Jack

A Scissor jack is mechanical equipment used to lift up heavy loads. The power screw mechanism included in a scissor jack is design to lower the amount of force needed to lift the heavy loads. The operation of a scissor jack starts by using a z shaped crank that is mounted to a small hole on the mechanism. After rotating the crank, the screw jack rotates and acts like a gear mechanism. The lifting section consists of arms. The turning of screw operates the arms in such a way that it lifts up very gently. Now the arm rotates very gently and force needed to lift the vehicle is divided into parts and user can lift very heavy objects with comparatively very less force. Also the weight of the load is not enough to push the scissor down, since it would require very large force. Thus it allows us to life heavy loads like cars by just using human strength, also the system is further improved by making it motorized so user does not need to operate it manually but just press a button for lifting and lowering it.

Turning Screw
High Torque DC Motor
Supporting Arms
Supporting Frame
Screws & Bolts

Heavy Lifting
Stable Body
Automatic Operation

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Electromagnetic Braking System


Electromagnetic braking means applying brakes using electronic and magnetic power. Here we use the principle of electromagnetism to achieve friction less braking. This tends to increase the life span and reliability of brakes since no friction leads to less wearing out of brakes. Also it requires less maintenance and oiling. This is an upcoming technological replacement for traditional braking systems. The main purpose behind the proposed use of these brakes in vehicles is that it is frictionless. This leads to a sizably less maintenance cost due to no friction and no oiling. Also traditional braking systems are prone to slipping while this one is guaranteed to apply brakes to the vehicle. So without friction or need of lubrication this technology is a preferred replacement for traditional braking. Also it is quite smaller in size compared to the traditional braking systems.
To make electromagnetic brakes work, a magnetic flux when passed in a direction perpendicular to the rotating direction of the wheel, we see eddy current flowing in a direction opposite to the rotation of the wheel. This creates an opposing force to the wheel rotation and in turn slows down the wheel. Thus we achieve electromagnetic braking as a better braking system for future automobiles.

Metal Wheel
Shaft – Buy Shafts Online
DC Motor – Buy DC Motors Online
Circular Strips
Chain – Buy Sprockets & Chains Online
Sprockets – Buy Sprockets & Chains Online
Bearing – Buy Bearings Online
Housing – Buy Bearing Housings Online
Supporting Frame
Screws & Bolts

Friction less
Low Maintenance
No Lubrication
No Wearing of Brakes
Very Reliable

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Automated 5 D Robotic Arm Mechanism

Robotic arms are widely used in industries, manufacturing lines and other industrial purposes. Robotic arms are used to implement complex industrial automation functionality which only humans can achieve. These functionalities include picking up a part and placing it horizontally into another machine or picking parts and placing it in packing boxes and more. So here we propose the design and fabrication of a fully automated robotic arm that can automate various industrial tasks. Our system consists of an assembly of mounts and parts designed to hold motors in place in order to achieve desired movement. Also it consists of a gripper designed with gear teeth in order to achieve gripping function as per motor rotation. The system consists of 5 motors needed to achieve the desired movement. A circuit board provided with it allows controlling the movement of the circuit according to the button pressed. This mechanism helps in understanding the working and control flow of industrial robotic arms design and fabrication processes.



Industrial Automation
Manufacturing Lines
Product Development/Printing Processes